Apps not getting internet connection VI sim (Solved)

A few days ago i brought a new phone Moto G 5G, hmm it's an average phone i know. Everything was working fine untill i noticed some apps are not getting internet connection or very less. I checked every settings related to network but still no luck.

Then after 2days i found it was my VI sim which had problem not my phone. So if you are facing the same problem with your phone and using VI sim then follow below steps. 

Step 1: (Open Access Point Names)

1st Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Select your VI sim

Now you will find an Option Access Point Names 

Step 2: (Edit Access Point APN Protocol)

What happened i don't know but VI somehow don't support IPv6 may be. so what you need to do is 

Go to Default Access Point which is in use then Look for APN Protocol . 

Now Change the Protocol from IPv4/IPv6 to IPv4

Now Save the Access Point. That's it. This will solve your problem if not Comment below i will help you. And it helped you then let us know how happy you are by commenting below.

And if you don't know what is IPv4 and IPv6 is then follow our blog. I will Post a Blog about it. 


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